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Merchant Account Analytics
The Intelligent Way to Manage Credit Card Processing

Time - View vital information about your merchant processing. Account for every transaction and every dollar moving through your account. Gain access to data that was previously unavailable without having to download files or build spreadsheets. Map bank deposits to individual transactions daily. Utilize the tools to track department effectiveness.

Money - Use instant insights to help your organization run more efficiently and profitably. Keep more of the money currently being spent on processing. Increase cash flow to maximize investment in your business. Track reserves down to the penny. Detect transactions that you will never get paid for before you ship products or provide services. Every dollar you save adds directly to your profit margin.

Vision - Free up time currently spent worrying about your incoming payments to focus your efforts on your core competency. Project sales and future trends based on current data. Visualize the status and health of your merchant account so you can proactively make changes before your ability to process is taken away. Protect your organization from zero-day financial attacks.

A merchant account is the life force of your business, a reflection of the effectiveness of sales and marketing. It shows the strength of the product or service in the industry and explains the customer experience and how customer service is performing.